Friday, November 02, 2007

Off the deep end

This is where LGF and Charles Johnson have gone, in my opinion. Certainly, after reading the latest accusation thread against the Vlaams Belang I could not reach a different conclusion. LGF now claims that VB is associated with the white supremacist movements in the USA. His evidence? VB leaders appeared on the same radio show as David Duke! I kid you not! Considering that David Duke recently appeared on major US television networks(regarding the disgraceful Holocaust denial conference in Teheran) that's one long and distinguished list of associates Duke has, if we follow Johnson's logic. Futhermore, they expanded their attacks on the Brussels journal and Paul Belien. Their sin? Stepping up for the rights of a political party that denounces homosexuality.

Fjordman, in his latest essay at the "Gates of Vienna", aptly shows not only the inconsistency of the LGF position but also the madness of it, plainn and simple. He also revealed how Johnson blatantly contradicts himself. Fjordman writes:

There is no other continent where the indigenous peoples are being systematically stripped of their heritage, displaced in their own cities and are subject to violence and abuse with the active participation of their own authorities, yet where this is celebrated as a victory for tolerance and where the natives are banned from even verbally opposing any of this. Yes, I think this reveals an anti-European bias.

I asked Charles Johnson about this: “OK Charles, since you make this to be about racism, I’d like to hear your definition of racism. The indigenous population of all European countries is white. If European countries would like to maintain the indigenous population as the majority, this by extension means a white majority. Do you think the people in, say, Norway, have the right to desire an immigration policy which ensures a traditional demographic majority, or is this racism? If so, how come non-European countries are allowed to desire the same thing without being attacked? Since you’re so preoccupied with racism, will you also launch an equally passionate campaign against the Whiteness Studies now taught in increasing numbers of American educational institutions, sometimes with the support of public money?” He first claimed that the question was “meaningless,” but after I pushed him, he reluctantly replied that yes, Europeans have the right to resist being turned into a minority in their own countries. Good. He didn’t answer me regarding the issue of Whiteness Studies, though. I kept pushing him, and he finally replied: “Since you’ve repeated this several times, I’ll answer it. The fact that I do or do not post about one thing has absolutely nothing to do with what I post about something else. That is a complete red herring, and you know it.”

However, as I have shown in a previous blog entry, when asked more or less the same by another poster, Johnson gave the opposite reply. So which is it?

There is another, much more disturbing thought by Fjordman in the same essay:

Many Americans say they are tired and will never become involved in Europe again. Fine, I can understand why. But another question is, if native Europeans actually start fighting back against Islamization for real, whose side will Americans be on? Will they be on ours, or will they back the poor, Muslims victims of European racism and xenophobia, just like they did in Yugoslavia?

Judging from the aggressive hostility towards anything European they are indoctrinated with, I fear the latter.

Well, if Fjordman by "Americans" means liberal leftists and a good portion of establishment conservatives, I'm afraid he's right.

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