Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Latest from Caroline Glick

Caroline Glick in her latest piece deals with the instrumentalization of muslim minorities and immigrants in the modern nation-state. In it she touches the subject of Kosovo and Metohija. While it is a worthwhile text when it comes to giving out current, it is devoid of theoretical basis for such events and a bit ambiguous when it comes to the Kosovo and Metohija issue.

Glick never explains the attitude of islamic theology towards peoplehood and the nation-state. In short, islam does not recognize either nations or nation-states. It is a quintessentialy universalist religion. The only earthly political entity islam permits is the umma, it's own religious-political organization. A muslim's loyalty is to umma and umma alone. Nation states are a blasphemy since the sovereignty in such an entity is of the people whereas in islam sovereignty belongs to Allah, as per Qur'an 2:107.

Another qualm I have with the text is the part about Kosovo and Metohija. I can overlook the obligatory bash of Milošević but the tone of the paragraph I did not like. The whole issue seems to be not whether Kosovo Albanians had any right to claim other people's land but whether Serbia is "democratic", "democratic" in a way a contemporary western liberal or mainstream conservative would see it. What if Serbia, or any other country for that matter wasn't "democratic"? Does this mean islamic minorities can subvert it and that the US and the west should support such subversion with all means necessary? This elevation of "democracy" to a god-like solution to all ills in the world will far more likely be the undoing to the nation-state and civilization then any rebellious minority.

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