Monday, November 19, 2007

Kosovo "elections"

Reuters reports that the turnout on the "elections" in Kosovo and Metohija was "a record low". As predicted, Serbs boycotted the elections en masse but the low polling numbers of Albanians were an obvious surprise. Reuters immediately offered an explanation:

“This is not about independence. Turnout was low because people are depressed. This is about the economic situation — no water, no electricity, no jobs,” said analyst Berat Buzhala of the Albanian-language daily Express.

Is it?

Since the arrival of the UN administration on Kosovo and Metohija no census has been made. In fact, the only census officially recognized dates from 1981. The numbers of Albanians are based on extrapolations and have been grossly inflated for political purposes. Add to that the fact that it is not known how many Kosov and Metohija Albanians are native and how many come from Albania and there are the real reasons for this "surprise".

The question that poses itself now is whether Serbia will know how to use this in it's favour. Will we demand a full census on Kosovo and Metohija? Are we going to finally challenge the propaganda myth of "2 milion Albanians"?

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