Monday, November 19, 2007

Johnson all over the place

It seems that the campaign Charles Johnson has started against some European nationalist parties has got him quite confused. So confused that he, in fact, does not know where he stands anymore. On november 8th Johnson replies to one of the comments which expressed fear that he will be booted of the anti-jihad wagon:

They can't boot me off something I never jumped on.

A couple of days later he gives some of his ideas on how to deal with global jihad:

What I DO support to deal with the jihad: much stronger legal barriers to the spread of hardline ideology, including monitoring mosques and Islamic schools, strictly limiting immigration from Islamic countries, and maybe most important, finding some way -- any way -- to eliminate the poisonous Saudi influence from our society and our politics.

Wait a minute, didn't you just say you do not nor have you ever belonged to tha anti-jihad movement?

Also, a blogger by the name of Conservative Swede, has another interesting angle on this affair. Apparently, Johnson has been informed three months in advance about the anti-jihad conference in Brussels as well as about the fact that Vlaams Belang and Sverigedemokraterna will be participating in it. The obvious question rises: why didn't he voice his alleged concerns prior to the conference? Charles' answer is that he was flooded with e-mails and couldn't read all of them. Given the list of the participants in the conference which included the likes of Robert Spencer, Bat Ye'Or and Andrew Bostom the explanation can hardly hold water. A prominent anti-jihadist blogger to miss out on the conference featuring who-is-who of the anti-jihad movement? Then again, he does say now that he's never been an anti-jihadist in the first place.

As I noted earlier these are hardly the first incoherences he made throughout these events and I'm sure he'll make more(when he is not busy banning dissenters from his site).

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