Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Is it cold in here, or is it just me?"

The movie quote is from a 1993 action movie "Demolition man" , with Silvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock and Wesley Snipes. It was your untypical Hollywood blockbuster because of some of the major parts of the story.

Anyway, Stallone playing the tough LA cop and Snipes playing an extremely violent criminal are put in a criogenic freeze as a new form of punishment for participating in an incident that had many innocent people killed. As time goes on the city of LA undergoes radical changes. And this is where the typical part of the plot ends. Because the dystopian world shown in this movie is far away from your usual Hollywood apocaliptic picture. In this movie, the dystopia is based on leftist liberalism!

Seems far fetched? Let's look what is in the film. Guns are banned and deemed thing of the past as is any form of violence, even by the so-called law enforcement agencies. Meat is illegal as well as any kind of spicy food and smoking too. Pregnancy is strictly planned by the governrment. Words deemed unpleasant are replaced with conjured-up phrases such as homicide being referred to as a "non-sanctioned life termination".

Sound familiar? Yep, many of this exists today in reality. We have the ban of smoking in public places, we have all sorts of agencies, governememnt and not, moving towards the ban of advertisement or an outright ban of various foods because they feel "it's bad for us". Then there is "Planned parenthood"...

But most of all, we have the inept governements and security forces unable or unwilling(it does not really matter) to do what it takes to protect people from dangerous criminals and at times even protect themselves(as the situation in Paris shows it quite well) thanks to decades of brainwashing with political correctness.

At the time the movie was savaged by critics, who in their reviews were talking about the trees while missing the wood completely. Superficially, it is a brainless action movie. But, it was meant to be on purpose in order to show the liberal dystopia stripped down to it's subtext. Not even the surname of Sandra Bullock's character, Lenina Huxley, rang any bells. But if it's any consolation for the moviemakers, they were much closer to predicting the future then they could possibly imagine.

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