Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good shot, but wrong target

Ann Coulter explains(in her own way, of course) in a recent column why people should be careful about what they wish for when they express desire to have democracy in Pakistan. She makes some good points but her entire venom is directes at the liberals. What about Bush, Anne? Does not his administration also pursue the goal of the Pakistani democracy? Why does he get a pass on that especially since he is in a position to do real damage unlike the liberal journalists and professors mentioned in Coulter's article?

Furthermore, how does the praise of the "Iraq democracy" in this piece fit in the equasion? Last time I checked the people there overwhelmingly voted for islamist parties, just like they would in Pakistan. Why was there no insistence on finding an "Iraqi Ataturk" that will drag them into modernity? Because Iraq doesn't have nukes? But didn't they say Saddam had WMDs and...Oh, never mind!

Pity that blind partisanship destroyed what had a potential to be a thought-provoking column.

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USorThem said...

I just wrote a long article arguing similarly at my blog.

Polls show that majority of Pakistani's want sharia law, 80% don't want the U.S. to hunt down Taliban. 2 leading opponents in the election are Taliban supporters.

Bush says he understands the risks Musharaff faces but insists on democarcy anyway.

Democratic elections have high probability of installing an Islamists president.

The good news is the U.S. (supposedly) has installed a hi-tech system that will prevent unauthorized persons to engage nuke weaponry. Bad news is that we don't know where all of them are located.