Friday, November 30, 2007

Dream on, we'll never die!

"No man, no problem". That was Stalin's idea of a solution and it is alive and well in the so-called progressive, multicultural west of today, as the words of a French general say:

French Lt. Gen. Xavier de Marnhac also said the problem of tense relations between Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority and Serb minority would eventually reach a "biological end" as the average age of the Serbs was much older.

Back in the days of civilisation, before the dark times, before post-modern relativism there was a name for such behaviour: genocide. Sixty years ago the euphemism was "final solution" now it's "biological end".

If I were this general I'd be more concerned about the "biological end" not dissimillar to the one he refers to in Kosovo and Metohija sweeping the suburbs of French cities then about something happening in a foreign country. But that is too much to ask since this would require the ability of critical thought long since eradicated among the so-called elites.

I'll save him the trouble and tell him that we'll sooner see the "biological end" of his nation then mine. Some vitality is still left in us if for no other reason then to spite the likes of him, whereas his country is spiritually dead and his rise to the rank of a general is the greatest testimony to that fact.

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