Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just blogging some sports news

Our Argentinian centerforward Barcos hit the net twice on Sunday and finally broke the duck. But we had to wait until the final two minutes to grab points against a modest Banat side, even though we are finally starting to play well.

The draw for the UEFA cup groups was all right when it comes to teams but the schedule is a bit worrying. I would have preferred Bayern away. Still, the game against the Bavarian giants brings back some fond memories. More on that later.

Elsewhere, the world witnessed last wednesday the sorry spectacle that was Dida. He is not just an actor, not even a bad actor, he is a stupid actor! It took him half a minute to realize:"Hey I may have screwed up on the goals but I can get something out of this if I simulate". And the club was in it at first as well, otherwise they would not have arranged a substitution for a player they knew was not seriously injured. Only after seeing how truly grotesque the scene was on video did they think better of it. Worse then the defeat on the pitch, Milan damaged their image in front of the world and is now a laughing stock. What difference a couple of months make.

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