Thursday, October 04, 2007

European renounciation of it's Christian tradition, causes and effects - conclusion

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Is there any hope that Europe and her peoples will survive this situation? Of course there is but first certain conditions must be met.

First, the ruling worldview must change radically. The suicidal ideology of leftist liberalism must be removed frok the postitions of public influence. That includes not only removing politicians from power as well as those who pull the strings behind the scenes, but also the removal of all advocates of post-modern ideologies form the media and educational and scientific institutions along with limiting their influence on art by exposing their works as means for indoctrination. Considering that adherents of post-modern ideologies are deeply rooted in these extremely important segmenta of society nothing short of a revolution would require to realize the needed changes. With this in mind one has to ask two questions: has the critical mass for the social change been achieved and will this change be peaceful or violent?

As for the fist question the answer for the time being is "no". But we are steadily nearing the opportune moment. The social and economic relations in Europe, especially in the European Union, which defy reason and human nature at least superficially give a sense that something is not right. The ruling class is at this moment buying time by taking up the slogans of parties which were until fairly recently branded "extreme right" or "extreme left" but aside from some cosmetic measures they will continue with the variations of the same old because they know no different. This generation of mainstream party politicians is completely educated in the spirit of post-modern, post-national and post-christian "isms" and is not capable of thinking outside that matrix. Only the instict of keeping powere compells them of saying they will do something. If you add that the economies of European countries are not yet exhausted and that years of demonization of "extremists" did produce results and at least subconsciosly prevents people from voting for them on elections, it is clear that there can be no talk of a general turnaround. Failue after failure of the manstream parties to establish some reasonable order will, however, lead to a situation where people will shake off their fear of being called "racist" or "extremist" by the "creators of public opinion" and "analysts" and that will lead to a tectonic shift on the pollitical scene. Which brings me to the answer to the second question...

Whether these political changes happen peacefully or violently depends solely on those presently holding power in Europe. Will they accept the fact that the poeples of their countries do not want them any more, that their ideology is a dangerous utopia and that their social experiment is doomed? Or will they take Berthold Brecht's advice and elect themselves a better people, by mobilizing their supporters and allying themselves with the unassimilated immigrants and their sponsors outside of Europe against the "resurgent nazism"? I am not a prophet but based on what I know about the mentality of current rulers of Europe I fear they would, unfortunately, pick the latter.

Te second condition is that after the coup is done, europe does not get involved in any social experiments but go back to what made her great: it's Cristian civilisation. With the return of Christian moral values and national culturesthe issues such as immigration and economic structure will be dealt wiht in a far better manner then today. By throwing off the yoke of political correctness European creativity and sense for science will re-awake and legal and moral norms could not be so easily broken just because soemone posesses force. Only this kind of transformation will lead to the recovery of the European peoples. Otherwise, the demise will not only be inevitable but will also arrive much quicker and be even more painful.

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