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European renouncation of it's Christian tradition, causes and effects - part four

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The attack on the World trade center in New York destroyed many pre-concieved notions of the world. "The only super-power" was no longer untouchable, and a significant number of people had their own ideas on the development of the world. With the twin towers collapsed also the theory of the "end of history".

The question inevitably surfaced: "Why?". What motivated those people to consciously fly to their own deaths and take thousands of us with them? Why do they hate us so much?

The ruling elites had an answer ready. According to them, the terrorists commit their crimes because they hate "freedom" and "democracy",and because they envy "the advanced nature" of modern civilisation and it's achievments. The objective of terrorists and "terrorist states" is to "sustain totalitarian systems that opress their peoples" and which would inevitably fall under the charge of "freedom" . "Islam is a religion of peace hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists" was their mantra. Accordingly, they found a solution to the problem of terrorism: they will bring "freedom" and "democracy" where "terrorist totalitarianism" rules.

Common people, instinctivly sensing something is wrong with that explanation, decided to look for answers themselves. And what they found painted a different picture. Authors and pundits that were set aside and even demonized as "racists" and "nationalists" that "that play on lowest atavistic feelings" got a new audience all of a sudden. The internet era erased the monopoly of mainstream media especially radio and television so the common citizen could finally reach facts that were concealed from him by the ruling establishment and mainstream media. Many discovered that the real reason for the terrorists' hatred were not the "freedoms" citizens of Europe and America enjoy but that it is rather deeply rooted in a jihad ideology that was almost a millenium and a half old and that jihad attacked and conquered Europe much before present-day social relations came to be. Like dissident literature in the former eastern block, publications and articles that presented the inconveniant and politically incorrect truths and jihad and which effectively refuted the "religion of peace hijacked by extremists" were disseminated on the internet.

The real shocks were just about to arrive. Many a police investigation against terrorism discovered that the center of terrorism and jihad were in mosques built for the immigrants from islamic countries which were financed by governements of some muslim countries, especially Saudi Arabia. The imams of these mosques freely preached hatred for host-nations, their culture and tradition(the real ones, the ones those countries persistently tried to leave behind). In addition to this, it turned out that many of the most fervent jihadists were muslims born in the west and recent converts of European and American origin which effectively invalidated the thesis about "freedom" and "democracy". For the first time the public became aware that in many cities in Europe there are parts where local laws de facto do not apply but rahter the "laws" and customs of the immigrants' countries of origin. The problem of uncontrolled immigration could no longer be swept under the rug. The rise of popularity of anti-immigrant parties, which were routinely branded "fascist", forced the establishment parties, especially those nominally right-wing, to take up their rhetoric. Once they took power on the wave of anti-immigrant feelings, they would more or less continue with the same old.

The fact that the ruling circles in Europe and America did not want to accept the new reality was quite understandable. For decades they built their ideology on the maxim that "all cultures and religions are basically the same" and that "all people desire freedom and democracy". If they were to admit that those were erroneous, all their efforts would have been in vain. They would all have to give up power, and Europe might, o horror of horrors, go back to it's roots and traditions. This is why, like the soviet politburo once, decided to simply ignore all facts that do not support their ideas hoping they would simply go away.

In spite of the fact that the ruling elites could no longer hide the new reality from it's people the decades of brainwashing with political correctness had disastrous consequences on the population. Confronted with facts that do not represent the world through rosy glasses of the "global community" and "multiethnicism and multiculturalism" many restrained their instictive and natural mechanisms of defense of one's identity and security and kept convincing themselves that what they feel was "racist". The most glaring exapmle is the security guard on the airport where Mohammed Atta, the leader of 9/11 terrorists, boarded one of the ill-fated flights. According to his own admission, when he saw Atta he thought: "If this is not an islamic terrorist, nobody is." but he laet him board the plane because "he immediately pushed away such thoughts because they seemed racist". This is the mentality that has for decades been stuffed down the throats of the citizens of Europe and America. Under no circumstances must one discriminate based on looks, religious convictions or, God forbid, skin colour or nationality. And in some cases one must not discriminate at all. As long as such spiritual state lasts no positive movement will be made in the policies of European countries and America and thus in world relations as well.

(to be continued)

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