Monday, October 22, 2007

Catching up

That's the hardest thing to do after being away from the computer for some time. But I'll try...

The so-called Kosovo and Metohija negotiations "proceed" as before. It is a conversation of the deaf, mainly thanks to US promises that they are increasingly unable to keep. Further on Kosovo and Metohija Robert Spencer announces a conference in Washington on the subject on Jihadwatch. If you have the chance be sure to attend.

First Paris, now Amsterdam. Good thing me and my wife decided against going there on our honeymoon.

Ann Coulter caused quite a controversy last week. Liberals and leftists were screaming "A-ha!Gotcha!" and began throwing charges of "bigotry" in all directions. Religion is a touchy subject and I might cover this incident in the next days but I'd like to give a short comment that in a sane and sensible world would be self-evident. When you believe in one religion you ipso facto believe that all other religions are wrong. A Jew serious about his Judaism has to believe that Christianity (and all other religions, for that matter) is wrong and a Christian serious about his Christianity has to believe that Judaism(and, yes, all other religions) are wrong. The trick of "tolerance" is not in dilluting the meaning of religions but in not attempting to force your belief on others using any and all means.

On the sports front, my club Red Star is in a turmoil. The chairman Stojković has resigned under shady cricumstances and quite suddenly. Nobody has an idea on who will succeed him. Ironically, this happened just as the season was taking a turn for the better. And Bayern is coming in a couple days...As for the national team, it's all to little to late, as usual. When it mattered they were duds.

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Michael said...

Nice to see you back, Witch King, and sharp.

You've hit the nail on the, re: Ann Coulter. It takes a pretty insecure Jew to get offended by her statement of what is, simply put, a basic tenet of Christianity.