Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where the world stands after 6 years

It was tuesday, just like today. I bet everybody remembers what they were doing the moment they heard that the WTC in New York was hit. I also believe that almost all of you, like I did, at first thought that it was a cesna-type small plane that did the damager. Boy, were we wrong...

Those who really knew how things went on in the world were not suprised at all. Behind the facade of the "century of globalism" and "the end of history" there was a hell of a lot of cooking. The ideology of global jihad often used by the western globalist establishment for it's own purposes in the Balkans and elsewhere had in fact it's own goals. In their hubris, the globalist elite ignored this and underestimated the jihadist capabilities and intelligence. and the jihadists used perfectly globalist inventions such as political correctness, multiculturalism and unchecked immigration against their creators and placed the nations that were subject to such unfortunate experiments of social engineering under grave peril. 9/11 was the nemesis. Lonely voices in the desert warned of potential dangers but they were cast aside and with subtle methods common people were denied information that might have shown that they do not live in a one-world heaven.

At least that aspect has changed since 9/11/01. Up to that point shunned authors and commentators were most sought-after all of a sudden and a demand for the literature that would explaind the jihadist ideological basis and their motives skyrocketed. Thanks to the expansion of the internet the average citizen could finally find out the whole truth, the one which mainstream media could never and would never tell him because that way they would inspire the people to question some myths they instilled in them as sacrosant truths. Which brings me to the next subject...

Little has changed, however, in the attitude of the ruling espablishment of the west. They are still repeating the mantras that kept them in their postitions for the past 40 or so years. The changes that did occur, were actually for the worse. The need to defend Europe and America from global jihad was utilized by one part of the establishment to promote their ideology of "global democratization". This utopian set of ideas, although verbally opposed to the jihadist ideology, has an eery alikeness to it. Both claim they bring the ultimate solution to all earthly problems, neither accept national and cultural differences between people that make their ideologies unsuitable for certain countries and both have a tendency to spread their faith by the sword. Supporters of these ideas are almost as dangerous to the civilization they claim to serve as the jihadists because they waste it's resources in projects doomed to fail, and, as a consequence of their inability to admit that their idea was simply faulty and unwillingness to accept facts that do not work in their favour, they hide the truth about the jihadist ideology(which is rooted in islamic scripture) in the same way the liberal-globalist part of the establishment does.

So what direction does the world move from here? It's obvious there is no end in sight to the conflict that began 6 years ago. New security and surveillance measures are not a long-term solution and can lead to various undesired consequences and abuses. Much more thourough change is needed. Left liberalism, multiculturalism and other post-modern "isms" must be eradicated, permanently . With that as a logical outcome goes the complete change of the ruling establishment in Europe and America, both it's liberal-globalist and neoconservative wings must go. Traditional values of Europe and America such as national, cultural and religious identity must come back on the scene. Out of those values, others such as personal liberty, freedom of expression and consceince were a logical offspring. That way it will be easier for a common man to see the difference between the jihadist ideology and the values of European and western civilization and see that the latter is worth fighting for and preserving. Anything short of that, or calling upon material and nost spritual values, will lead to an inevitable downfall of Europe and America under the combination of the crumbling from within and blows from without.

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