Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Where the world stands after 6 years, cont.

Some prominent commentators on the web share my view on the situation in the world 6 years after the WTC attack. Here's what Robert Spencer wrote on JihadWatch:

American Muslim advocacy groups have made it impossible to take such a stand by adopting a spurious victim status that has enabled them to claim -- and enabled the claim to be accepted -- that sensible anti-jihad measures and investigations are "anti-Muslim." Instead of inviting and participating in an open investigation of the roots of the jihad ideology of Islamic supremacism in core Islamic texts and teachings, so as to work with people of good will toward finding positive ways to neutralize the ability of jihadists to use those texts to recruit terrorists and incite violence, they have cowed the establishment media (liberal and conservative) and government officials into thinking that such investigations manifest "Islamophobia" and bigotry.

Six years after 9/11, the jihad proceeds apace, and the UN investigates...Islamophobia.

Want to end Islamophobia? End violent attacks committed by Muslims in the name of Islam. I guarantee that Islamophobia will then vanish utterly.

Six years after, the fact that such elementary common sense is not taken for granted, but reviled and dismissed, does not bode well for the continuation of this conflict, as continue it surely will.

And in the comments section Hugh Fitzgerald accounts for all the measures taken and the wars in Afganistan and Iraq and shows the folly of it. And saving the best for the last paragraph:

Six years, not entirely, but largely, wasted becuase of the ignorance, confusion, timidity, and sheer sentimentalism of the so-called "leaders" of the Western world, with Bush and Blair in the lead. Six years in which the kind of information that ought to have been presented, in an act of mass dissemination, by the governments themselves, have been left to private greatly-underfunded websites. Six years of false authorities teling us what and how to think, "terrorism" experts, "Bin Laden" experts, the unrepentant "moderate-Muslims-are-the-solution" experts, e tutti quanti. And those are the good ones.

Six years.

And there will be even more years wasted, and indeed catastrophic consequences, unless a new ruling elite in Europe and America is placed instead of this one.

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1389 said...

You are entirely correct. Unfortunately, there seems to be an organized effort by jihadists or by jihadist sympathizers to make false reports about our blogs in order to get them on the censorware companies' lists of objectionable sites to be blocked. There is a post about this on Jihad Watch, and even more at about what you can do to help.