Monday, September 03, 2007

How about us?

This time last year we were told by all sorte of "experts" and "analysts" that the independence for Kosovo and Metohija was a done deal and that our hopes for a Russian veto were in vain and that the Russians will "sell us down the river". Events have debunked such speculations but it doesn't hurt to reinforce this with a statement from the Russian foreign minister.

And we? Did we draw a "red line"? As much as PM KoŇ°tunica and some of his ministers, mostly from his party, are shouting that to all corners of the Earth the permanence of some people in the governement makes me uneasy about it. Such people have on numerous occasions shown that "integrations" and "reforms" are closer to their heart then the territory of Serbia. As long as they are there attempts to revive the "Ahtisaari plan", in another package, will persistently be made.

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