Tuesday, September 04, 2007

He got it all figured out, didn't he?

A former Hollywood star(one can freely call him that since it's been quite a while since he made anything worth mentioning) deigned the realm of ex-Yugoslavia, Bosnia to be precise, a visit. And he was nicely served by his hosts, from food to tall tales. And he accordingly expressed his outrage and astonishment on how someone can "consider Karadžić and Mladić heroes" and called them "monsters". And he figured out everything there is to figure out in the week or two he spent in Sarajevo and the vicinity.

Pity his hosts did not offer him some pieces of the biography of their late leader Izetbegović. Perhaps something out of the "Islamic declaration"? Or how he was a recruiter in the Waffen SS division Handzar? And while they were at it they could have explained their connection to Haj-Hamin al-Husseini. And if they really got friendly perhaps they could have gone furhter back, way back to the Ottoman times and tell him about their role in it and the status of christians, especially Serbs in that state. Lucky for them, Jasenovac, Kozara and the pits of Hercegovina are primarily the responsibility of their former allies(but they themselves are hardly blameless). Who knows, if they gave him the whole story, maybe, just maybe, a clue might have appaered in his head(although I doubt it).

Only ignoramuses from the former "dream factory" now a center for indoctrination in just about every post-modern "ism" one can think of, such as the above described entertainer are more irritating and egregious then arrogant western politicians and journalists coming to the Balkans with their "solutions" to all the Balkans' problems. One appearance on the screen they consider a certificate of experise in everything even though they could never withstand tough questioning on topics they like to "educate" us ignorant plebs.

Of course, I didn't mention the name of the person I am refering to on purpose. He does not merit this even with his movies lately.

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Michael said...

Is it just me, or do Hollywood celebs just eat foot every time they open their mouths?

You'd think that they'd be smart enough to learn how to shut up, or at least to realize that just being rich doesn't mean they know everything.