Monday, September 17, 2007

Genuine or an election trick?

Not to be accused of leading an election campaign prematurely PM Koštunica decided to put the new strategic orienatation of his party, namely the declint to join NATO, on paper. The most significant part is the fact that the snub of the NATO membership is no longer connected directly to the issue of Kosovo and Metohija but that it has become a matter of principle. This predictably caused an uproar among the voiciferous NATO propronents in Serbia and there is even talk of the governement going down.

Personally, I retain a healthy dose of scepticism and cynicism over this. It's not enough to put things on paper. It's action that counts. When the most zealous proponents of NATO in the governememnt are reigned in or cast aside I'll believe in Koštunica's change of heart. Until then, it's all panem et circenses.

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