Thursday, September 20, 2007

As expected

Mourinho is gone. At least for the time being. Do not expect a character like hi to go quietly into the night, though.

In spite of headlines claiming that his departure is shocking and "out of the blue"(pun unintentional) no-one should really be suprised. Since the begining of last season it was clear that the magic has evaporated somewhat. Chelsea found it harder and harder to win games, the dressing room was a mess and fights with players, some of them Abramovich's favourites such as Shevchenko, were erupting almost at a daily basis and the boss decided to tighten the purse. All this created an unsustainable climate. The cup victories were there just to paper over the cracks. The divorce between Chelsea and Mourinho was as inevitable as Christmas. When such strong characters like him and Abramovich go head to head it's hard to imagine reconciliation.

So what now for Chelsea? Seems to me like their season is being screwed as we speak. The team were in bad shape already and the en route change will take time to set in. Time that might prove itself costly for the remaining part of the season.

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