Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Turning everything on it's head

When you take an unpopular opinion and it somehow gets out in the mainstream publication expect a barrage of fire and many of it quite nasty. I am sure that Julia Gorin was well aware of that. She even had previous experiance with her article where she protested the cover-up of Croatia's actions in the near an not-so-near past(e-mails from Croats where she was called "dirty Jew" and told that "they didn't finish the job" were particularly brilliant). But I doubt anything could prepare her for what came upon her in the past couple of weeks.

Two US soldiers serving in Kosovo and Metohija were not happy with some of Julia's articles that explain what is really going on there. What those two wrote was a prime example of a propagandist tract coupled with vicious ad hominem attacks. Julia was deemed a "liar", a "predator" that "abuses the trust of a poor soldier" and "takes a dump on soldiers that protect her freedoms".

Julia took some time and conjured up her response. All the claims she makes there and in previous articles for which she is criticised are meticulously documented. Furthermore, Julia, again with facts and sources to back her up, debunks many claims that the two soldiers make some of which are pure sophistry and others, such as the assertion that "the KLA no longer exists", are downright silly.

It seems to me that the uniform has gone into the head of those two and think it makes them infallible and exempt from critical observation. But why should we be surprised? The public debate has long since been relegated to false dichotomies over just about every issue making it practically impossible to solve any of them. Which is why they will all blow up in the faces of all of us, not just those who created the problems in the first place.

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