Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Taking back what was blurted out

UEFA came to it's senses a bit, in spite of the sycophantic attitude taken by Partizan board and the Serbian FA, and suspended the ban on the club for the time being. While the ban is not fully lifted it can be said with 90% propability that, unless there are grave incidents in the second leg against Zrinski, Partizan will go on to play this season in Europe.

So what happened? What made them change their minds? My take is that, faced with heavy pressure from the Serbian public, angered by the sheer double-standards of the decision regardless of which club they support(even Red Star ultras denounced bitterly the UEFA decision), FA chairman Terzińá and the Partizan board took the balls out of their pockets(pardon the language but I am a football fan, you know) and crawled out to present the club's case and call in a couple of favours with their UEFA counterparts. By the way, they can drop dead regardless! They wouldn't have lifted a finger if it was up to them, they are a binch of spineless opportunists. I'll only change my opinion on them if they show in the future that they have learned something from this.

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