Friday, August 03, 2007

My heart is bleeding for him

Remember Abu Hamza? In case you don't, he is the Finsbury park imam who stated some less then complimentary remarks(extremely mildly put) about infidels. Well, the illustrious Mr. Hamza is not a happy jihadist these days. While serving a sentence for incitement to murder, he is complaining about...racism and "islamophobia" towards him from other inmates!

And that's not all. He claims they took his hook away from him(why does he need a hook instead of the regular prostheses? He was auditioning for "Pirates of the Carribean"?), that he has no soft furnishing(didn't they tell him that prison is no luxury hotel?), that he had to change his cell in spite of not being able to walk(ever hear of crawling?), that they served pork to him for meals(actually, they didn't but they certainly should have). His representatives also claim that "he fears he could die behind bars"(don't worry, we infidels are of no such luck).

I don't know about you but I was really touched by the account of this man's "plight", touched to tears...of joy and laughter! And when you read his sermons where he says that "Serb blood is dear to Allah" and that "the Jews are cursed and that Hitler was sent by Allah to torture and humiliate them" I'm sure, if you are a normal person, that the fact that Hamza is having a real torrid time inside will bring a smile to your face. Here's hoping they make him pick up the soap soon.

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Michael said...

I'm with you, Witch King. This guy needs to rot in his cell.