Monday, August 27, 2007

Film reviews - "Transformers"

Seeing this movie was more important to me then a simple trip to a movie theater. "Transformers" are an important part of my childhood. My family moved to the USA in 1984. Needless to say, I hardly spoke any English and struggled somewhat to fit in. One day I came from school and was flipping channels and could not really watch anything because of the language barrier and somehow a cartoon caught my attention that had two large robots, one red, one white, squaring it off on a top of a damn. I watched the episode all the way in spite of not being able to understand anything they said and I was hooked. The scene I stumbled on was, of course, Optimus Prime and Megatron fighting in the second part of the "More then meets the eye" mini series. For the next two years I spent in the US as a kid I never missed an episode. And I distinctly remember asking myself a couple of times: "I wonder what would a movie look like". Well, a quater of a century later the movie was made and I knew I couldn't miss it.

Now that I saw it, I have somewhat mixed feelings about it. The movie itself is entertaining and exciting enough but it sways away from the original "Transformers" in several cases. Where do I start?

How about from Bumblebee? Why was he made into a Chevrolet Camaro, especially since the Volkswagen Beetle is back in production? (although the message was certainly not lost on us who grew up on the cartoon when in the beggining of the movie Bumblebee parks next to a, you guessed it, yellow Volkswagen Beetle) Nothing would be lost for the story if they stayed true to the original.

Megatron is not a jet! End of story! We all know him as a Walter P38 handgun and so it should have stayed. And Starscream saying "Megatron, I live to serve you"? On what planet? Certainly not on Earth or Cybetron!

At least Optimus Prime is still the good-old red freight truck. The change there was not an option!

Also, humans play a much more proactive role in the movie then in the cartoons and their weapons can hurt the Decepticons, albeit used extensively. This change I don't mind since without it they might as well have made an animated film.

In spite of some changes I personally did not like, I give the movie a thumbs up. It was nice to be 9 years old again, at least for a night.

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