Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Empty handed, yet again

No champions league football for Red Star this season either. And we can't fault the draw this time, it could have hardly suited us more. Instead we should look to why we could not score if our life depended on it. People put the blame on the strikers but I point my finger at president Stojković and the management who assembled the midfield we have. There is not a single central midfielder in our roster with somewhat offensive characteristics. Strikers are too often left to cope alone with the opposition defense, nobody is coming to help them or running in the box from the midfield. Also, nobody shoots from outside the box.

Besides these obvious problems there are rather puzzling questions. Why wasn't our biggest signing, the Ecuadorian striker Salas, even on the bench last night? Why are Bronowitzky and Mollina consistently looked over in favour of lessere players such as Milijaš and Rašković?

The saddest part is that our best players were on the stands. The fans made an amazing atmosphere and deserve the Champions league, which is more then can be said for the lot that played in red and white last evenong.

Oh well, roll on UEFA cup.

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