Thursday, August 02, 2007

"Combat slamophobia" say the socialists of the EU

Here we go again, the left in the European Union attending to everybody's grievances except of those of the indigenous population in Europe. This time they are out to fight against the so-called islamophobia. Here's what the sages of the left say:

European socialist organizations have decided to stem the increasing Islamophobia in Europe by breaking the monopoly on the debate which has, up until now, primarily belonged to far-right and ultranationalist groups.

As usual, they attempt to smear anyone who talks critically of islam and muslims with nasty epithets.

Prejudices against Islam and Muslims, who have sometimes been referred to as the “enemy within” by far-right elements, have been on the rise since Sept. 11, and also exacerbated in the wake of the al-Qaeda inspired terrorist attacks of March 11 in Spain and July 7 in Britain. An Islamophobic backlash was perceived in the publication of controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in a Danish newspaper, with Pope Benedict XVI’s much publicized statement on the “violent” nature of Islam, for which he later apologized, further stoking the flames of anger.

Wow, that was one slow backlash, some 5 years or so after the original incident. And some backlash it was indeed: a couple of cartoons and a quote from a medieval Byzantine emperor. Meanwhile the backlash to the backlash brought threats of beheading and mayhem.

The committee, which held its first meeting at the beginning of July, will have six fact-finding missions to European countries to interview Muslims. The results will be published in a report which will then be used in the election manifestoes of socialist parties in the European Parliament elections in 2009.

I wonder if they are going to ask them about Quran, 9:5 or 5:51? How about 47:4, 8:67 or 9:29? And then they could move on to the Hadith...

“Muslims lived together with Christians in Spain and Bosnia for centuries.

That's right, and no organized crime existed in Russia in during Stalin's rule. This beats David Irving in half-truth history.

There is one thing I do agree with these people. They believe that soon Europe will be Judeo-christian-islamic. But if that happens, the first two components will be destined to disappear.

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