Thursday, August 09, 2007

CAIR's jihad against Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer has indeed hit a few nerves at the Council of American-Islamic Relations. First they try to defame him. Then, in spite of claiming to be a civil liberties group, they try to muzzle him and they got a deserved response. Now they simply go with childish ad hominem attacks from a supposed anti-hate blogger about whom there is quite a lot of unflattering information.

Meanwhile, CAIR officials associate with Muslim Brotherhood and meet Hamas supporters. Among other things...But according to their warped view it is Robert Spencer who preaches hate.

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Michael said...

The only reason CAIR hasn't been indicted yet is their habit of heavily funding and lobbying every politician they can reach. And of suing the pants off any one who disagrees with them.

Everyone hates them, but no one really wants to turn off the cash spigot, or get involved in a lengthy, and costly, litigation.