Thursday, August 16, 2007

10 years of cute vulgarity

On the 13th of August it's been 10 years since two animators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, aired the first adventure of four 9-year olds from South Park, Colorado: Kyle Broslovsky, Stan Marsh, Đ•ric Cartman and Kenny McCormick(who, as it turns, has more lives then a cat). From that moment on everything changed. Children characters on TV were no longer either cute or mischevious but could also be brutal, ruthless and vulgar. Besides this, all inhibitions concerning what can or can not be mocked and what can and can not be said on prime-time were taken out. The show gained legions of fans with it's satirical, comical way of portaying American realities as well as with it's parodies on pop-culture and personalities. Here are my favourite episodes in no particular order.

"Chickenlover" - "You, sir, will respect my authoritah!" Cartman deputises for officer Barbrady while the latter tries to learn how to read and takes his job rather seriously.

"Chickenpox" - Cartman singing "In the getto" as the three boys are going over to Kenny's.

"Cartman's mom is a dirty slut" and "Cartman's mom is still a dirty slut" - cliffhanger in which the question is "Who is Cartman's dad? Is it..." The candidates are just about everyone from the town.

"Scott Tenorman must die" - Cartman's plans usually backfire but when they succeed...Oh dear! In anycase, we'd better not piss Cartman off!

"Good times with weapons" - Poor Butters. And Cartman with his wardrobe malfunction.

"Two days befre the day after tomorrow" - "global warming" hysteria, South Park style.

"Woodland critters Christmas" - There's more to this then the scene where Santa shoots from a pump shotgun.

"Cripple fight" - "Attention shoppers, there is a cripple fight in the parking lot".

"Douche and Turd" - elections in a nutshell.

"Trapped in the closet" - "You are all right but I liked Napoleon Dynamite better"

"Manbearpig" - half man, half bear, half pig.

Since there are no limits to human stupidity I expect Parker and Stone to come up with a lot more in the years to come.

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Michael said...

"I do not have pink-eye, and I did not get an anal probe!"