Monday, July 30, 2007

What, no riots yet?

The jihadists must be going soft. Or maybe they realize that demonstrations with signs that threaten murder and mayhem is just a little bit damaging for their PR? How else can one explain the lack of the usual reaction to the flushing of the Koran down the toilet by one Stanislav Shmulevich?

But if the usual suspects were absent in this case, the NYPD was quick to react in the matter under the pretext of so-called "hate crimes". And now, it appears Shmulevich is charged with two felonies! since when destroying a book whose contents one does not like is a crime? Don't give me this "desacration" argument? Where were the law enforcement agencies when various "artists" sank the crucifix in urine or smeared Christ with feces? That, I assume, was an act of love and understanding?

Perhaps Mr. Shmulevich should have claimed he too was an artist, and a gay one on top of it? It seems it would have gotten him of the hook easily.

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