Friday, July 20, 2007

Nothing suspicious here, move on...Or else we sue you

You thought you saw a terrorist? You did, you did saw a terrorist? Well don't you dare report it, because they can sue you for everything you've got! This is, in a nutshell, the result of the failure to introduce the provision from protecting citizens from being sued for reporting suspicious behaviour that might lead to a terrorist attack. Apparently, brainwashing entire generations with political correctness was not enough, they had to introduce this as well.

I can just imagine the conversation with some poor hapless soul that lived nextdoor to a perpetrator of a terrorist attack:

Q:"Didn't it seem odd to you that he collected assault weapons, chemicals and explosives and that he had Al-Qaeda posters in his living room?"
A:"Listen mister, I worked too hard for my possesions to lose them all in a law suit! I've got a family to feed, you know."

And with the latest big terrorist plots being blown largely thanks to concerned citizens one can not help being a tiny bit pessimistic about what future holds.

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