Friday, July 27, 2007

Equality before the law? Not with UEFA!

They were just waiting for a good opportunity to do this. Crackdown on hooligans they say...Yeah right...

You certainly wouldn't know it if you looked at how Inter fared after their fans had the Champions League quaterfinal at San Siro abandoned(and not the pre-pre-pre-pre-pre qualifying UEFA cup game in Mostar disrupted for a couple of minutes) since nobody thought of kicking them out of Europe.

If fan violence is not reason enough to kick somebody out, surely match-fixing is? Wrong! For that you get to win the Champions League, just ask Milan!

Next time a disgruntled fan enters the pitch to kick the referee, no problem: just the 3-0 awarded to the opponent in a game which was most likely lost anyway and a game behind closed doors. All it takes is a phony apology to smooth everything over.

Particularly egregious was the game's delegate remark how Partizan fans were wearing T-shirts with Radovan Karadžić and Ratko Mladić. Where was this alleged do-gooder and sensitivity trainer when Croatian fans formed a human swastika? Or when in Barcellona someone always carries a banner saying "Catalonia is not Spain"? Answers on a post-card...

And how come this delegate does not ask some obvious questions? Like, how could the police place two rival fans on the same stand? Or where did the rocks that were thrown atr Partizan fans come from? How could they get in the stadium?

And a bit on how the Serbian Football Federation reacted to all of this. A couple of days ago I gave them a bit of praise on my blog in Serbian for some positive things they did lately but on this they behaved like a bunch of timid, spineless opportunists and have sacrificed the interest of the country's football on the altar of a "higher cause". But I suppose one can not expect better from them if a good part of the Serbian governement behaves in a similar way.

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