Monday, July 16, 2007

And after those three months?

The Governement of Israel decided to give amnesty to Fatah members guilty of various terrorist attacks, some of them quite gruesome like the Maalot masacre. In exchange Israel gets a promise that they will refrain from violence...for three months.

Assuming they even make and keep such a promise...What happens when the three-month period expires? Does even the Israeli governement have even the vaguest idea? Apparently not or they wouldn't make such a cretenous move.


Michael said...

Witch King, you are making the common mistake of assuming that Olmert & Co are even looking as far ahead as 3 months... They're a hand-to-mouth gov't, trying to stave off elections so that they can stay in office, and they don't really care about the cost.

And no, I don't sleep easier, knowing who's at the helm...

Witch-king of Angmar said...

Perhaps I do give Olmert too much credit. That's propably because I, as a sane person, can not even imagine what motivated such a move. You have to be crazy to do this, and the PM of Israel being crazy is hard to vision.