Friday, June 22, 2007

Well done!

You thought I forgot Serbia U21 football team? Think again! The lads put up some great shows. Congratulations to them for making it to the finals of the European championship! The success is even greater if you bear in mind that Serbia is the only country to have played in the semi-finals of all of the last three U21 championships! It's something even footballing superpowers only dream of!

Of course, there were still things to avoid. We must never get pegged back the way we were against Belgium and allow so many chances, plus we are still missing a midfielder who can hold on to the ball for an extended period of time, or rather, the player that has those characteristics, Stefan Babović, is out of form. But let's leave the analysis for later and support the team in their quest for the trophy.

We have the potential to become one of the top teams in the world and we must not allow these players to get lost in the transition from U21 to full internationals. Otherwise we will forever be a footballing backwater.

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