Friday, June 22, 2007

See you in a couple of weeks time

Yours truly is off to a well-deserved vacation(or holiday, if you speak the British variety of English) on a Greek island. I won't disclose which one so that I make it harder for them to get me. ;-)))) I'd like to rest a bit from the daily events of this planet of ours. Besides deserving it, I need it as well.

Stay safe and I'll see you around.


Michael said...

Have a good, whether it's a vacation or a holiday!

1389 said...

Enjoy your holiday!

When you get back, please look at this blog post:

Counterterrorist Blog Swarm Wanted!

I've started a counterterrorist "blog swarm" to educate the public about Kosovo and about jihadism in the Balkans. I'd appreciate it very much if you would read it.


1389 said...

I forgot to mention: Information about contacting me is at: Are you an antijihadist/counterterrorist blogger and/or activist?