Friday, June 08, 2007

Resurrecting Yugoslavia

That is the title of Julia Gorin's latest column that explains the Western mainstream media anti-Serb manipulations in a nutshell. One should read the whole thing, but this paragraph especially caught my attention:

There is also the trick of using the words “terror” and “Serbia” in the same headline. Some played this game when Serbian police raided a Wahhabi terror camp in southern Serbia in March. (“Discovery of Serbia Training Camp Draws Attention to Radical Islamists” — NY Times.) Before that, initial reports about investigations into the London bombings linked the Tube terror to “eastern Europe” and “Serbia.” The UK’s Sky News reported that the explosives used in the attacks came from inside Bosnia, supplied by mujahedeen there (subsequently it was discovered they came from Kosovo, and that Bosnia served as a coordinating point). But one British police officer interviewed in that broadcast — which was shown on Fox News and others — said the explosives came from “Serbia.” He was talking about Kosovo which, when convenient, is remembered to be part of Serbia.

Amazing, isn't it? Even in situations where it is not possible to put any blame on Serbia they try to serve such a version to the sanitized general public through half-truths and information taken out of context. If it is any consolation, in there insatiable desire to smear anything Serb, they might just give up on trying to take Kosovo and Metohija from Serbia.

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