Tuesday, June 12, 2007

But he is already doing it

In an unprecedented response to the US governement Serbia's prime minister Koštunica told George Bush that he can forget about giving independence to Kosovo and Metohija:

"America has the right to support other states and peoples in accordance with its interests, but not by giving away as a gift something that isn’t its property," Kostunica told journalists in Belgrade."America must find another way of expressing its sympathies and love towards Albanians, instead of handing them Serbian territories," he added.

The minister for Kosovo and Metohija Slobodan Samardžić was even sharper. He told Bush that "if he wants to give the Albanians another state he should give them parts of the USA".

Now, under normal circumstances this would be a perfect answer. Except, el presidente Jorge is trying to give away the whole US! If his plan goes through he will legalize the number of illegal immigrants the size of one seventh of the current US population. In several years they will all be eligible for full citizenship and...well, draw your own conclusions. And keep in mind Serbia's current position.

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Michael said...

Odd... after 6 Albanian Muslim immigrants (3 of them illegals!) plotted to attack the Fort Dix US Army base, you have to wonder why Bush is so gung-ho for this?