Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Football(yes, the real football, the one invented in England; I'll be damned before I call it "soccer") takes the number one spot in my book when it comes to sports, followed by an abyss so big I can freely say that even the worst football is better then the best..................(fill in the name of the sport of your preference). But even I can not help getting excited about the success of Serbia's tennis players at this year's French Open.

It's beyond amazing that a nation of around 12 million people(I'm counting all Serbs not just the population of Serbia) whose homeland has been through such a rough period and that has neither the infrastructurem, the resources or a great tennis tradition could produce 3 players in the single's top 10 and one in the double's and all of them reaching the semi-finals of the prestigious Roland Garros tournament. When you consider that former super-powers like the USA, UK, Australia or Germany had nobody by the time of the quater-finals the success is even greater. And people around the world can not not notice.

And everybody is asking what's the secret? What do Ana, Jelena or Novak have that others don't? There is no secret if anyone asks me. It's a plain and simple drive to win, combined with a natural talent. The hardships our players were put up against made them more determined to succeed and more calm when facing tough situations on court. The stylish tennis academies existing in the west are taken for granted by the players from the US, Australia or Germany and has, in my opinion, made them complacent. Our players know different. And long may they continue on this path.

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