Friday, June 22, 2007

See you in a couple of weeks time

Yours truly is off to a well-deserved vacation(or holiday, if you speak the British variety of English) on a Greek island. I won't disclose which one so that I make it harder for them to get me. ;-)))) I'd like to rest a bit from the daily events of this planet of ours. Besides deserving it, I need it as well.

Stay safe and I'll see you around.

Well done!

You thought I forgot Serbia U21 football team? Think again! The lads put up some great shows. Congratulations to them for making it to the finals of the European championship! The success is even greater if you bear in mind that Serbia is the only country to have played in the semi-finals of all of the last three U21 championships! It's something even footballing superpowers only dream of!

Of course, there were still things to avoid. We must never get pegged back the way we were against Belgium and allow so many chances, plus we are still missing a midfielder who can hold on to the ball for an extended period of time, or rather, the player that has those characteristics, Stefan Babović, is out of form. But let's leave the analysis for later and support the team in their quest for the trophy.

We have the potential to become one of the top teams in the world and we must not allow these players to get lost in the transition from U21 to full internationals. Otherwise we will forever be a footballing backwater.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nice people, aren't they?

Some scenes from the Croatian singer's Marko Perković "Thompson" concert. Among other atendees there was also the Croatian science minister. The Simon Wiesenthal Center is up in arms over this, quite understandibly. Whereas the Serbian governemnt is in silence...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Just about sums it up, really

This piece of news to a great extent speaks for itself but I'd still like to add my two cents.

I could not help laughing the first time I saw this. This is the fitting picture of any islamic-run state, summed up in a few words: all is fair if it's beneficial to the umma. Don't expect Hamas to cut the thieves' hands off. In their eyes Fatah are the infidels and "Zionist spies" and thus a fair game for just about anything, so Arafat's prize is now officially sanctioned booty. And if they do this to their co-nationals, what are others supposed to expect?

Does anyone honestly think Israel, or any other country for that matter, should live next to that?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Kurt Waldheim is dead

This news has a personal note for me. Waldheim's service record during WWII, the one he unsuccessfully tried to hide, contains his participation in the "Operation Kozara" in which tens of thousands of Serb civilians were murdere. My grandparents from my mother's side come from the Kozara region. They were lucky since they both joined the partisans and were in units that were not engaged in that battle, the late grandpa as a combat soldier(ended the war with the rank of a captain) and grandma as a nurse. But my grandfather lost a lot of his relatives, practically his entire family.

Amazing how he managed to escape justice, being such a prominent figure. But while on this world he remained unpunished, he won't escape His verdict. I hope he rots in hell.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Two-state solution is on it's way in the Middle East

But not the kind many thought there would be. The way things are going now, separation into two entities, one controlled by Fatah, another by Hamas seems to be the only solution. Either that or an all-out bloodbath.

The report I link to also gives an account of Hamas people killing Fatah loyalists. A sign of things that might come for the Jews if they succeed in destroying Israel.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

But he is already doing it

In an unprecedented response to the US governement Serbia's prime minister Koštunica told George Bush that he can forget about giving independence to Kosovo and Metohija:

"America has the right to support other states and peoples in accordance with its interests, but not by giving away as a gift something that isn’t its property," Kostunica told journalists in Belgrade."America must find another way of expressing its sympathies and love towards Albanians, instead of handing them Serbian territories," he added.

The minister for Kosovo and Metohija Slobodan Samardžić was even sharper. He told Bush that "if he wants to give the Albanians another state he should give them parts of the USA".

Now, under normal circumstances this would be a perfect answer. Except, el presidente Jorge is trying to give away the whole US! If his plan goes through he will legalize the number of illegal immigrants the size of one seventh of the current US population. In several years they will all be eligible for full citizenship and...well, draw your own conclusions. And keep in mind Serbia's current position.

Monday, June 11, 2007

So what?

I see that George Bush's statement favouring the independence of Kosovo and Metohija has caused quite a stir in Serbia.

I can not help asking why so? What exactly has Bush said that we did not know already? Or at least, what sane people did not know already.

This, in fact, might not be such a bad thing after all. Everything Dubya has thrown his weight behind has turned into an unmitigated disaster. The "war on terror" is a mess at best, a fake at worst. The "democratization" of Iraq brought sharia law as constitution. And the immigration reform bill introduced recently has gone down in flames. If we follow this pattern there is nothing to worry about for Serbia.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Resurrecting Yugoslavia

That is the title of Julia Gorin's latest column that explains the Western mainstream media anti-Serb manipulations in a nutshell. One should read the whole thing, but this paragraph especially caught my attention:

There is also the trick of using the words “terror” and “Serbia” in the same headline. Some played this game when Serbian police raided a Wahhabi terror camp in southern Serbia in March. (“Discovery of Serbia Training Camp Draws Attention to Radical Islamists” — NY Times.) Before that, initial reports about investigations into the London bombings linked the Tube terror to “eastern Europe” and “Serbia.” The UK’s Sky News reported that the explosives used in the attacks came from inside Bosnia, supplied by mujahedeen there (subsequently it was discovered they came from Kosovo, and that Bosnia served as a coordinating point). But one British police officer interviewed in that broadcast — which was shown on Fox News and others — said the explosives came from “Serbia.” He was talking about Kosovo which, when convenient, is remembered to be part of Serbia.

Amazing, isn't it? Even in situations where it is not possible to put any blame on Serbia they try to serve such a version to the sanitized general public through half-truths and information taken out of context. If it is any consolation, in there insatiable desire to smear anything Serb, they might just give up on trying to take Kosovo and Metohija from Serbia.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Football(yes, the real football, the one invented in England; I'll be damned before I call it "soccer") takes the number one spot in my book when it comes to sports, followed by an abyss so big I can freely say that even the worst football is better then the best..................(fill in the name of the sport of your preference). But even I can not help getting excited about the success of Serbia's tennis players at this year's French Open.

It's beyond amazing that a nation of around 12 million people(I'm counting all Serbs not just the population of Serbia) whose homeland has been through such a rough period and that has neither the infrastructurem, the resources or a great tennis tradition could produce 3 players in the single's top 10 and one in the double's and all of them reaching the semi-finals of the prestigious Roland Garros tournament. When you consider that former super-powers like the USA, UK, Australia or Germany had nobody by the time of the quater-finals the success is even greater. And people around the world can not not notice.

And everybody is asking what's the secret? What do Ana, Jelena or Novak have that others don't? There is no secret if anyone asks me. It's a plain and simple drive to win, combined with a natural talent. The hardships our players were put up against made them more determined to succeed and more calm when facing tough situations on court. The stylish tennis academies existing in the west are taken for granted by the players from the US, Australia or Germany and has, in my opinion, made them complacent. Our players know different. And long may they continue on this path.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Wow, that was(relatively) quick!

No sooner after I noted how delusional Caroline Glick gets when she talks about Bush she came up with a new essay where it is obvious she has woken up to the fact that Bush is not a saviour...At least to an extent.

Unlike the previous article where she started off brightly but slumped towards the end, this time the starting paragraphs of her article look like a lament over the cruel fate of the poor, misunderstood George Dubya, as one goes furhter the piece is being filled with astute observations and spot-on conclusions up to the point where she contradicts earlier paragraphs. Let me illustrate this with an example. Glick first writes that: recognizing the threat that the global jihad constitutes for the Free World, Bush sought to shake the US and its allies out of their collective flight from reality in the 1990s and force them to contend with the world as it is.

but later, we see a different picture:

...But while Wilson's vision was unrealistic, he has to be credited for his unstinting devotion to it. In contrast, Bush never completely matched his visionary rhetoric to his actual policies.


But then, since the September 11 attacks, for every rhetorical step the president has taken towards reality, he has taken two policy steps back to delusion.

WHILE UPHOLDING Islam as a religion of peace, the administration courted Islamic preachers of war. So it was that at the post-September 11 memorial service at the National Cathedral, the administration invited Muzammil Siddiqi to speak for Muslims. Siddiqi, who heads one of the largest mosques in North America, was the man who converted Adam Gadahn, the American Taliban, to Islam.

Glick rightfully acknowledges the illogical behaviour of the Bush administration towards the islamists. But such behaviour is not inconsistent with the administration's rhetoric. The fact is, that Bush has never claimed he was fighting global jihad and always went out of his way to dissasociate islam completely from the war against Al Qaeda, even when many muslims weren't doing so. The war, for Bush, was always about democracy and freedom and it's spreading around the world, and such was the war in Iraq from the begining. Whereas the jihadists proudly embrace the religious and cultural component of their fight they imposed on the world, the USA and European ruling classes are carefull to stamp down on any display of religious and cultural pride and refuse to acknowledge the real nature of the conflict and the profound differences between the two blocks and indulge themselves in multiculturalist fantasies of the "ordinary moms and dads". Any measures the west has taken against jihadists were entirely self-serving and limited, no real multi-lateral effort exists and even if it does it's thanks to personal initiatives and improvisations not spurred as an official policy. As a result the resources needed to fight the global jihad are squandered on the utopia called "democracy in Iraq" and the failure of that project will seriously hamper any future efforts since it gives a perfect argument to those in the west denying the danger altogether and that might lead to the exact isolationism Glick fears.

West's behaviour is illogical, however, in a sense that they are cooperating with people that openly hope for it's destruction. And until a break with multiculturalism occurs to a full extent and the USA and Europe return to it's traditions and heritage it is hardly going to change.

It is a welcome development that Glick is finally seeing there is nothing one can get out of George Bush. The question is what took her so long? The disillusionment came right after my criticism(a little boasting never did any harm, didn't it?) but Dubya's incnsistencies have been there for a some years. Also, it hasn't dawned on Glick yet that the "Bush vision" was an ill-concieved concept from the start based on premises detached from reality in the same way the west has been in the 1990-ties. Hopefully, that too will come around to her as well.

Monday, June 04, 2007

We're back in business

I was afraid somewhat that our Euro 2008 qualifier in Helsinki against Finland after the Kazakhstan fiasco. We were missing Žigić and when I heard that our President Boris Tadić, a notorious jinx for our sportsmen, will attend the game I thought it was basically a lost cause.

Instead our national team has shown the best performance in years. The defence lead by Krstajić and Vidić was rock-solid. The midfield was finally penetrating in attack and with clear ideas in general and Boško Janković added more attacking options. The 4-3-2-1 formation was a stunning success and the debutant Kuymanović in the playmaker a la Pirlo was a brilliant solution. Other two first-timers, Rukavina and Jovanović, were also very good. The former made our right side devastating while the latter scored on the debut, but more then the goal itself it was the manner in which it was scored: getting past the defender and poking the ball under the on-rushing goalkeeper. On a negative note, the attack on the left side is still our Achille's heel, Krasić is not left-footed and it's an obstacle when he is forced towards the goal-line.

In any case, this is the recipe for the game in Belgium, another must-win in August.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Glick on multiculturalism

Personally, I find Caroline Glick a well-meaning,educated and above all perceptive writer. However, sometimes the conclusions she draws from the correct premises she puts out are left to be desired.

She starts off rather brightly in her latest column, pointing out how the ruling establishment in Europe is embracing an insane and ultimately suicidal ideology of multiculturalism, which is totalitarian to boot. She then, goes on, however:

Like the totalitarian ideologies of the 20th century, multiculturalism identifies the Jews and the Americans as its chief enemies. Both must be defeated for their refusal to destroy themselves and merge into the post-national thought stream. And like their 20th century predecessors, the multiculturalists of today embrace radical Muslims who share their rejection of Judaism and Americanism.

The multiculturalists convince their societies to accept their own destruction by indoctrinating their fellow citizens through their education systems and media.

Needless to say, the consequences of this state of affairs are not localized to Europe. As they do towards their own people, the European elites work tirelessly to subvert American and Israeli cultural confidence and to undermine every action the two nations take to combat the forces of global jihad. Whether by condemning the US incarceration of jihadists at Guantanamo Bay, claiming that Zionism is racism, attacking the US campaign in Iraq, financing Israeli anti-Zionist pressure groups and the Palestinian Authority, or insisting that Iran should be negotiated with, the EU works to compel the US and Israel to stand down rather than defend themselves and to convince American and Israeli societies that we are unworthy of being defended.

While she is right, in my opinion, about Israel, I am afraid when it comes to the USA she is engaged in some wishful thinking. One should not be influenced by the globalist-leftist European mainstream media that writes about Bush "the evil conservative crusader" and other cliches. Back in the the old Cold War days, communist propaganda refered to socialist and social-democratic parties in the west as "imperialist sellouts" but this did not make the latter right-wing all of a sudden. In exactly the same way European press ramblings do not make George Bush a crusader.

You think I'm being outrageous? Let's look at the facts. Bush is indeed fighting a war, but he repeatedly refuses to identify the enemy. "War on terror" is an empty phrase, terror is a tactic. Bush has never suggested he is fighting global Jihad except for the one time he uttered "islamofascism" (and never again). Memebers of his administration go out of their way to emphasize that this isn't a religious conflict. The war in Iraq is not a war against global jihad, it never was, but a war which now squanders resources for a utopian "democracy for Iraq" project which is in fact the ultimate multiculturalist enterprise(I will explain in another entry). Furthermore, the USA itself is very often joining in on the pressure on Israel to make further concessions to the Arabs.

Whatever measures the USA is taking against jihadist, they are half-hearted and measured just enough to prevent another 9/11. No real strategy exists to actually win the war, no real plan to crush the jihadists. But even this is to outrageous for the standard European liberal, just like it was outrageous for doctrinaire marxists for a socialist to allow any kind of private property. That is why the impression is created that the USA is the brunt-bearer of the fight against global jihad.

Where do we go from here? Until the enemy and the objectives are properly defined, we are on the road to perdition and multiculturalist hacks will in fact be stronger every day in spite of the complete bankrupcy of their views and the disastrous effects they have on their societies.