Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yay, we won!

If you detected faint joy in my title, you are not mistaken. Don't get me wrong, I like the fact that Serbia won the Eurovision song contest but the media over here is making it a much bigger deal then it should be.

I'm not the biggest fan of Eurovision, I must admit, but on Saturday night I was on a visit and all people expressed desire to watch it so I had to adapt. I somehow felt it was inappropriate of me to sneak off to the other room and watch Real vs. Espanyol as I would have done had I stayed at home. The show was the usual set of cheesy performances I could honestly do without, with Marija obviously standing apart with the quality of singing and melody. As the voting went on she was steadily first with only Ukraine being competitive. Ukraine song seemed utterly preposterous bu after last year and Lordi one should expect anything.

Now for the aftermath. The media in Serbia immediately began to bring this into a context of current politics. The harping on about how this "brings Serbia towards Europe and the world" was as irritating as it was predictable. As is the recent attempt of poilticians to connect to Marija through her relatives allegedly supporting this or that party. All that will continue for quite some time. But the EU Comissioner for Expansion, an odious and slimy character by the name of Oli Rehn, congratulating Serbia almost had me throwing up.

Now you understand my lack of enthusiasm for this achievement. Honestlsy, who could blame me?

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Michael said...

I don't blame you; I don't understand the whole Eurovision thing, either. Or American Idol, Kohav Nolad, and the rest of that of that crap...

Maybe we're just square.