Friday, May 04, 2007

Weren't they supposed to be secular?

For years the US governement have been convincing the world how the Albanians from Kosovo and Metohija are secular and modern. I wonder how would they explain sponsoring the trip of the Kosovo Albanian imam to Detroit and him asking for the support from the local Muslim community?

But there is nothing illogical or inconsistent with such behaviour, as Nebojsa Malic puts it well.

It is interesting, to say the least, that Albanians suddenly become Muslims when it’s convenient to make this sort of “argument,” but quickly become “secular” and “moderate” when critics try to point out the systematic destruction of Serb churches and construction of Saudi mosques. Same with the so-called Bosniaks — one day they are “moderate” and “secular,” the next they are “Muslims in the heart of Europe.”

It's simple really: the means do not matter, the goal does. Except that the "means" sometimes have goals of their own, not necessarily in accord with those of their users.


Michael said...

I don't know much about Balkan muslims, but I'm from the Metro Detroit area, and I know from experience (I went to school at UofM-Dearborn) that the SE Michigan muslim community is typically virulently anti-semitic, and fairly extremem in its support of Islamic terrorist groups.

I don't get anywhere near the "hate vibe" from Israeli Arabs that I used to get in the Detroit area...

Interesting blog you have here, Witch-King. I'll have to come back.

Witch-king of Angmar said...

You are from the Metro Detroit area? No way! I used to live in Ann Arbor! It was 20-something years ago and I was a kid but still it counts, I guess!

Thanks for the compliments and come back any time! ;-)))