Thursday, May 31, 2007

So, he is in, apparently

It was amazing how the Republican presidential challenge was dominated by the man who hasn't even decided to run. It seems, that has ended finally, since Fred Thompson has publicly announced his candidacy.

For weeks conservative Republicans touted Thompson as their "great white hope". But other then his movie and TV roles, what does the public actually know about him? He served two terms in the US Senate, but it doesn't seem he was active or outspoken. What are his stands on the burning issues of today, such as global jihad and, more domestically, energy independence and especially immigration? It seems that the proposed amnesty bill and it's consequences is going to be the dominating topic not only in the coming days. Nobody has heard Thompson taking a stance on any of this. For the time being Thompson is doing excellent in the opinion polls for someone who hasn't officially run until now, but as the campaign goes on he will eventually have to make a clear statement and that will either prop him up or sink him. Giuliani, with the image of the tough, no-nonsense New York mayor and the hero of 9/11, looked all but a sure winner a few months ago, but since then his ideas on abortion and gay marriage came out(not to mention his pictures in a drag) and that cooled off many a Republican.

Thompson, if he wants to have any chance of winning the Republican nomination, will have to bring in something new and by that I don't mean the internet campaign. While that is important, it is only a means. It is the new goal that must be given a reason for all those bloggers and internet activists to write why is it that Thompson should be president, how different is he from others.

Now, the last time the Republican party nominated an actor they won in a landslide both times. History hardly ever repeats itself and Thompson better have something more to go on then what he has now if he wants a serious shot at the White House. Otherwise, "president Hillary Rodham Clinton" is becoming a serious prospective each day.

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Gray Falcon said...

Anything to keep the media attention off Ron Paul and his message...

I don't mean Thompson ill, but if Rudy Mussolini is the best the GOP can run against the Lizard Queen, "President Clinton" sounds damn near inevitable. Which would make Bush the Lesser appear positively quaint in comparison.