Monday, May 07, 2007

Sarkozy wins

As expected and predicted by opinion polls Nicolas Sarkozy won the presidential elections in France, beating Segolene Royal.

What effect will this have? If you ask me, not much. We all heard Sarkozy talk tough, and him calling the 2005 rioters racaille has become somewhat stuff of legends(which says about a lot of the state of mind of today's world). But what is it that Sarko has done to put this racaille in their place? Nothing! The riots stopped in the same way they started.

Sarkozy may have stolen a good part of Le Pen's platform(Le Pen repeatedly moaned about this, not without justification) but will he act on his words? And even if he does implement som of the ideas he advocated, what will he make of them? Sarkozy was not of much use as interior minister during the 2005 riots, nor did he voice an opinion against immigration policies while in governement so I advise everyone not to hold their breaths. And another thing: Sarkozy is certainly not going to send troops to Iraq and Afganistan nor uncritically applaud every US move so both the drooling neocons in Washington and overzealous Front national agitators better put their minds at ease.

In short, the French elections can be described as: de plus se change de plus c'est la meme chose.

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