Friday, May 11, 2007

No apologies necessary, at least not to me

There were many reactions over the web to the Fort Dix plot, especially in the context of where the plotters came from and how they came to the USA. Some people finally began to understand what the Serb people fought for in the 1990-ties and are starting to look at the conflict in the former Yugoslavia with different eyes.

In that sense, I simply have to emphasize this essay from the blogger ZionistYoungster. I have to admit I was touched.

Now, yours truly did leave a comment over there but it wouldn't hurt to repeat what I said. as far as I am concerned, no apology is necessary. First, it is because in those days alternative sources of information we have today such as blogs and internet in general were extremely hard to come by and there was little chance of you to see what the Serb side had to say.

Second, many of us Serbs are guilty of the same sin when in the past we swallowed uncritically the pro-Arab version of the Middle East conflict hook, line and sinker and sadly, a good deal still do. And a great many complain why outsiders look at the whole Balkan situation in a simplified way.

Leaving old beliefs one considered sacrosant is very difficult, I know this from personal experiance. It does not include only internal soul-searching but potentially conflicts with other people that can not understand your change of heart. That is why the admission of ZionistYoungster of having reversed his position renders him honour enough, without a need to apologize for anything.


ZionistYoungster said...

Hi Witch-King! Good week to you.

Thanks. I have a follow-up:

What Our PR Problem Really Is

It's the lesson I learned from this all, now applied.

1389 said...

Witch King and Zionist Youngster:
Both of you hit the nail on the head. We've been trying to use our blog, along with various other methods, to get the same message out.

You're both on our blog roll...stop by and take a look...

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them. If you don't agree with us on something, we're okay with that too, so feel free to let us know.

Michael said...

Witch King:
I'll make the same comment here that I posted at ZY's place:
I actually rooted for the Serbs from the beginning back in the early '90s.
I can't be too proud of it, though, because I did buy the MSM's line; I just didn't care. And I remembered who in Yugoslavia hid Jews during WWII, and who helped the Nazis. I just figured the Bosnians had it coming to them.
They did, but more because there were guilty in the '90s, too.