Friday, May 18, 2007

"Islamophobia worst form of terrorism"

At least according to the Organization of Islamic Conference.

Why of course, silly us! How could we think that beheading schoolgirls is bad? Or blowing yourself and 17 other people up in a bus? Hijacking passenger airplanes and ramming them into buildings? No big deal, honestly.

But saying something bad about islam? Now you're pushing it, mister!


Michael said...

I saw this on the news, but didn't bother blogging it.

Muslim organizations complaining for little or no reason just isn't news anymore. It's dog bites man.

Now if the OIC said that suicide bombing was a form of terrorism, that would be news!

1389 said...

I understand how you feel, Michael, but they ARE complaining for a specific PURPOSE, even though they have no justifiable reason.

Their purpose is to bully us into silence. This is why I believe that we must make a point of NOT keeping silent, and of protesting whenever someone tries to silence us.