Thursday, May 03, 2007

EU parlamentarians at work

It's been 60-something years since an official figure in Europe expressed a desire to kill a Jew, but a Belgian member of European parliament Veronique De Keyzer broke that taboo the other day.

Don't expect a public outcry over this though. It is only reserved for the so-called right-wingers. to the parties of the so-called left everything is permissable because, you see, they are pursuing the noble goals of diversity, multiculturalism and inclusiveness for all...except for those not sharing their views. "Theirs will be an awful doom" - Quran 2:7

If a desire to kill wasn't bad enough, the "cloud cookoo" on which this woman lives is even worse. PA's moderation and maturity? The "moderate" and "mature" PA officials call for genocide as if it was nobody's business! What's extreme then?

What wonderful people occupy official positions in EU! True products of the post-modern ideological mould! And my contry is steaming towards this.

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