Tuesday, May 22, 2007

And there had better not even try!

Last night I watched PM Koštunica's interview on the state-funded RTS television(or as they like to call themselves, "the public service"). Mostly it was circumstantial phrases, but the one significant is that Serbia will not trade EU membership for it's agreement on Kosovo independence. Although this has been said before, it's the first time Koštunica has said it as a fully fledged prime-minister and not as a campaign slogan or a head of the "technical governement". He had better live up to this, and his party had better finally take a definite stand on this.

As for the coalition parties, they are still trying to balance the rope, but where they will end up when the push ultimately comes to the shove? If the new foreign minister's recent statement is anything to go by, they are hardly to walk lock in step with Koštunica.

If the split does happen, at least the political situation in Serbia will be cleared somewhat. Finally it will be there for everyone to see whose heart lies in Serbia and whose in Brussells. And upon which side prevails it will be clear whether we are worthy of our ancestors or if we have become a nation of defeatists and surrender monkeys.

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