Wednesday, May 09, 2007

6 people arrested in US terror plot

It is with a specific purpose that I titled this entry in such a way. By now everyone has heard of a plot to kill US military personel in Fort Dix, NJ. But more then the story itself, I'd like to concentrate on the way the media covered it.

First they announced that four of the plotters were ethnic Albanians, then they said they were islamic jihadists and finally conceded that 4 were "nationals of the former Yugoslavia". Hence the title as a parody of their behaviour.

But why? Why are the mainstream media changing their story practically every hour?

During the Stalin era in the old USSR the propaganda boasted how the NKVD never makes any mistakes. Such "reputation" had to be maintained at all costs. So when the NKVD used to arrest people who have done nothing wrong there was no way they could have released them since that would take down the myth about them. So the poor hapless soul that had the misfortune of being taken to Lubyanka had to be sentenced for any trumped-uo charge they could come up with.

The mainstream media behave like the NKVD today, in every sense. They have assumed the power of labeling the right and wrong and at the same time boast of their infailabilty. They simply cen not ever admit that they made a mistake or misled their audience and even the slightest story that contradict the ideological matrix they create has to be supressed and/or obfuscated. And since the ideological matrix about the Balkans is that Albanian muslims are secular, pro-western and modern and were oppresed by the Serbs and are grateful to the US for "liberating" them, this story had to be twisted.

Too bad less and less people believe the old media and are turning to other sources. I guess the Dan Rather fiasco has them learning the wrong lessons.


ZionistYoungster said...

From Vietnam onward, the blood that the mainstream media have accumulated on their hands has just kept on piling. In the Vietnam War days, the Tet Offensive was actually a military victory, but the MSM spun it as a defeat, thus beginning the process of the US betrayal of South Vietnam to the North Vietnamese Communists.

It's bad, but I don't want revenge--all I'm asking is that the mainstream media cease being mainstream, make way for credible sources.

HaShem help Serbia resist the Islamic invasion!

Michael said...

You said: And since the ideological matrix about the Balkans is that Albanian muslims are secular, pro-western and modern

When I lived in Michigan, I worked as a job coach for adults with various mental disabilities. I remember one client I had, who was working on a training program at a small factory. The bulk of the regular work force was Albanian immigrants.

I don't remember any outward signs of religion, but I do remember that they had little good to say about American society, and as for being modern, well, looking back, they seem intensely clannish, and absolutely paranoid about their women. And don't mention Serbia, or Italy, around them.

That was back in 1997/8.

I've always remembered that bunch because my college roommate, from a few years earlier, was Serbian. And gung-ho for the US.

Interesting contrasts, tho I wonder how much is hindsight, and how much is true memory.