Thursday, April 12, 2007

Three out of four - with a special attention on two

That's the number of Premiership clubs in the Champions League semi-finals. After Spain in 2000 with Real, Barca and Valencia and Italy three years later with Milan, Inter and Juventus now it's England's turn to brag. While I do believe that with the abolition of the second group stage weakened the competition somewhat, there is no denying that all three deserve to be there.

Now we have a potentially very interesting situation. Manchester United and Chelsea are the only contenders for the Premiership crown. They are in the semi-finals of both the FA cup and CL and they are not playing each other in either of those. It could very well be that the meetings between two will decide on the outcome of the league(their game is set for May 5th at Stamford Bridge) the FA cup and the CL all in the space of three weeks. And with them having lesser oposition(on paper at least) in the FA cup semis and rivals with which they have an old debt to settle in the Champions League, who dares bet against a three round square-off between the Blues and the Red Devils in the coming May?

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