Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's up for grabs now

Sorry Arsenal fans, but this entry isn't going to be on the 1989 League title you snatched at the last seconds at Anfield road. Rather, it will be the sad decision of the UK defense ministry to let the captured sailors sell their stories to the highest bidder.

This news tells a lot. Where do I start? It would be easy to admonish the sailors themselves and criticise the ministry for such an ill-advised move. But that would be speaking of the trees while completely missing out on the wood.

The ministry and these men are simply a product of the contemporary culture, the one that considers a man a simple "homo economicus" driven by nothing other then his own needs, without a single higher goal in his life. To achieve personal well being nothing is off-limits, especially not public exposure which has been risen on a piedestal of the highest virtue. Values like honour, loyalty, humility are considered obsolete at best, derided at worst. My grandfather fought in WWII and never ever bragged about what he's been through even in front of the family let alone other people. Now we can expect film studios lining up with their cheques for the Iran sailor's stories. Am I the only one seeing how wrong this picture is?

Not to be outdone by their rivals, Iran is planning a movie of it's own about the incident. I wonder if the former captives will demand a cut in the box office entries?

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