Thursday, April 19, 2007

Daniel Pearl is not a Holocaust victim

The fate of the journalist Daniel Pearl is well known to everyone. We all remember how islamic terrorists brutally murdered him after forcing him to confess to the "crime" of being Jewish. They certainly were clear about their motives! A couple of days ago, as a part of Holocaust comemoration, his name was added to those of victims on a memorial wall in Miami.

With all due respect to his family and loved ones, I believe they made a mistake when they agreed to this. The Holocaust is a historical event that happened in a precise time frame under precise circumstances and context and victims of other crimes, however similar, simply can not be put together with those that perished at Auschwitz, Treblinka or Babyi Yar. I know this may sound cynical but it's like that. Daniel Pearl was murdered by different kind of criminals then the nazis, although the two share totalitarian worldview, imperialism, bellicosity and Jew-hatred as main traits. Pearl was muredered because he was Jewish, just like Holocaust victims, but so were many other Jews after WWII. Why aren't they considered Holocaust victims as well? Why only Pearl's name was added?

We can not trivialize historical events, least of all such horific ones as the nazi genocide of Jews, with inapropriate comparisons and actions. It does a great disservice to the memory of the victims, both of today and of yesteryear.

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