Monday, April 16, 2007

As long as mom and dad are around, no problem

So, what does an Aussie do when he comes across a DVD in which an islamic cleric calls for murder of infidels and labels them as "pigs"? He gives it a PG rating!

Sounds like a punchline for a bad joke, but things are indeed serious. If authorities can not find the nerve to take action against such obvious terrorist activity and ban the DVD, how can we expect to take care of those less open?

Now, some people might be uncomfortable with bans citing numerous examples of how leftist globalist liberals used to label "hate speech" anything that doesn't accord with theor view of the society. While I understand where they are coming from, I'd like to remind them that free speech does not include shouting "Fire!" in a crowded theatre. Nor calling for murder, I believe...

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