Monday, March 12, 2007

Two anniversaries

Sunday was the first anniversary of the death of Slobodan Milosevic, while today is 4 years since the assasination of the former PM of Serbia Zoran Djindjic. These two men still polarize Serbia even from their respective graves.

I won't go into details about Milosevic, but if you are really curious what I think read this text since it expresses my opinion almost to a letter.

As for Djindjic he has for a long time been the darling of the western mainstream media, right up until some time before he was murdered. What caused the change? Well, Djindjic had realized that, in his exact words, democracy can not be proved with betrayal of one's national interest. The propaganda daggers were out immediately but it was all broken off with his untimely demise. Coincidence that he was killed just as he was beggining to defy the west? Well, "afterwards" does not necessarily mean "because", still...It would certainly have been fun to watch the globalist liberal media in the west villifying their former idol, in the perfect Ministry of Truth style.

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