Tuesday, March 27, 2007

There we have it now

As suspected Ahtisaari proposed independence for Kosovo and Metohija. Also was expected the cheerleading from Washington, London and Brussels.

The US and it's allies have now openly decided to trample over the UN Charter and enforce the carving up of Serbia, and the consequences be damned. And what will those be? Even the US themselves do not know, they just keep parotting the line how "Kosovo is not going to be a precedent", without ever explaining how they intend to enforce that. Of course, to anyone with an IQ over 80 their propaganda cliche' is laughably ridicolous. But they don't mind, since they live in the 1990-ties where they believe they can coerce everyone into agreeing with them. Somehow, I believe it will be tougher this time...

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Todd Thompson said...

If it isn't tough and it doesn't end in failure for this secessionist minority and their powerful aggressor backers, there is no peace and the UN is a total failure. They will have shown that the UN Charter is dung. Iran may has well flood over the Iraqi borders and all other secessionists should move forward. Territory will belong to those that grab it - back to Imperialism we go (formal this time).

It makes the Dayton Agreement Dung too. That was a UN Charter product.